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Thelma Beryl (Heath) Price
Isabel (Price) Peterson

My name is Charles Wayne Price and with the help of my aunt, Isabel Price Peterson, my late grandmother, Thelma Beryl (Heath) Price - the two who has made a life of researching, collecting, and preserving the family history for our benefit.
This has been a labor of love and our only intention has been to share the information with anyone who is interested now or will be interested in the future even if right now they couldn't care less. I have also tried to include more than just names and dates whenever possible.
This is and will continue to be WORK IN PROCESS. This is a compilation of the research of numerous people, and I have tried to document many sources. However, I can't vouch for the accuracy of material passed on to me by other researchers. I present it here for what it's worth as a guide to further research.
As you browse through the web site, remember they were complied by an amateur genealogist. Please use only as a guide to researching your own family. Perfection was the goal, but mistakes were probably made.
I encourge everyone to talk to their older relatives while they have the chance, and to write their own autobiographies, and family histories. Future generations will thank you. I curently have 4049 names and 1523 families that covers a lot of surnames. I will also have a page that will show all the surnames listed for you.

May God bless each and every one who shows an interest in our family history.

--- Any corrections, additions, and kind constructive criticism are welcome. Full credit will be given for anything you submit ---

This site is dedicated to protecting everyone's privacy. Only names will will be posted on persons presume to be living. Dates and places will be withheld. If a living person objects to having his/her name posted, it will be removed promptly.

Thank you for visiting this website and you can email me for any additional information.

The 2013 reunion will be held in Rutledge, Missouri at the old school.


New location

The 2013 (60th) family reunion will be held in Rutledge Missouri at the old school at noon. We are having church service at Harmony Grove at 9:30 am with Mike Wilson.